Sunday, December 05, 2004


Thank you Carla for collaborating to set up this Blog. I am impressed by the quality of the interface and the ease of accessibility.

California school districts are a conduit for No Child Left Behind funds, but are often captive to the complexities of each Title or entitlement. I see no clear evidence that funding for technology or school improvement funds are being directed by the Federal Department of Education into the logistics of technology or computer aided instruction.

You raise a good point Carla when you suggested that NCLB affords little leeway for research or is limited by the strictly experimental research designs required by NCLB.
I have found that NCLB is often directed by “regulations” provided by the White House and these regulations supercede NCLB directives and is see little effort for the use of research to drive NCLB practices.

One area of hope for the capturing of technology funds is through some of our state and local program improvement initiatives that use NCLB funding. Perhaps we should look into the districtwide technology plans for schools who have insisted that Professional Staff Development include the use of instructional technology? Several of the NCLB Titles permit the purchase of instructional materials for their targeted students, such as Migrant Education and English Language Development Initiatives. Each of these Titles permits the use of programs that will improve student achievement.

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